Make your wedding ceremony stand out from all the rest by including a symbolic ritual.

Some cultures already use symbolic rituals within their wedding ceremonies, for example, you may have seen a couple light a candle in a Church or you may have seen a Jewish wedding in a movie where the couple say their vows under a canopy called the ‘Chuppah’ and at the end, the groom steps on a glass and everyone yells “Mazel Tov!”.  That’s a ritual!

Bread, Salt and Wine are often presented to a bride and groom within a wedding ceremony: Bread so they never go hungry, Salt to add flavour, and Wine to enjoy the sweetness life has to offer.  You can use a Sand Ritual to add meaning when you are blending two families together or a Hand-fasting to pay homage to your Celtic heritage.

Some rituals are just plain fun to do like a Wine Ceremony, a Beer Ceremony, Jumping the Broom or releasing butterflies or balloons at the end!  Rituals take many forms and I have collected (and used) more than 30 over the years!  You will need to supply the items for your particular ritual, but I have all the words ready to go!