Naming, Blessing & Welcoming ceremonies have been part of family and community life for centuries. Almost every culture has some sort of ceremony designed to mark the occasion of birth.

Taking time to value and honour the children in our life is important.  Naming a child not only gives a sense of personal identity, but it also gives a sense of family and belonging.

The ceremony may involve just one person, a few people or a large gathering of family and friends.  Quite often the Naming Ceremony is held in conjunction with baby's first birthday party.  The ceremony can take many forms.  It may be as simple as a dedication and blessing.  It can also be a time to affirm the values and beliefs that are important to you as parents and your hopes for the future of your child.  Poems, readings, music and quotes of personal significance can be used throughout the ceremony and often a symbolic gesture is made such as lighting a candle, planting a tree or placing items inside a Wish Box.

A Naming Ceremony includes a commemorative certificate with room for the signatures of parents and godparents.  The godparents also receive a certificate to mark the occasion.  Unlike a marriage ceremony where there are legal requirements to be met, there are none required for a Naming Ceremony.  You will still have to register the birth of your child with the State authority but this is independent of the Naming Ceremony.

Whatever your requirements, I can help you plan something truly meaningful and memorable.  No two ceremonies are ever the same - just as no two children are ever the same!