A way to declare your commitment and love as a couple to family and friends.

The rules for your commitment ceremony are: There are no rules!

The content and style of every commitment ceremony will be different and tailored to the wants and needs of each couple.  Even though there is no legal content in this ceremony, there is no less commitment to each other.  I will make sure all your wishes and desires are realised.

Your ceremony can be traditional and formal or like a relaxed get-together.  It will usually include the following:

Vows – these are your declaration of intent to be committed to each other.  You may make promises to each other and define what commitment means to you.

Readings and Music - Commitment Ceremonies often include music, poetry or readings about love.  It may be a great time to play a song that has great meaning to you or read a love letter or poem from one partner to the other.

Ring Exchange and other Rituals - The couple may wish to exchange rings and participate in another ritual such as hand-fasting, sand, wine or rose ceremony.

"I give you this ring as an expression of my love and commitment to you,

it symbolises the wholeness of our union".

I can help you with suggestions and inspirations and tailor something that is meaningful and memorable.

A Commitment Ceremony includes a commemorative certificate.  This can be signed by two witnesses but, as it is not a legal marriage, people of any age (even children) could be the signatories at this ceremony.  The Commitment Ceremony can be performed in practically any setting, and can be held anywhere – in a chapel, a backyard or your favourite beach or park.  I can conduct a ceremony anywhere in Australia.